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 With a throw of 19ft you can use an image 91 inches to 195 inches (diagonal) depending on the zoom setting. Of course, whether the 195 inch image would be bright enough is doubtful, but then you probably don't want a screen that is 170 inches wide either. Sensibly, you would be OK with an image size of 120-130 inches I'd guess.  If you go over to Projector Central you can feed the figures into their calculator and play around with it. (The dimensions above are for a 16:9...
 In that case the Black Diamond has some merit - but I'd try to see one in use before committing if you can. The one I saw was brilliant for contrast with the lights on but the downside was the sparklies. I may be more sensitive to them than you might be, but it would be worth checking out before you make such a big investment.  Bryan Pape was my guy at GIK and he was really helpful.
 A nice big picture to go with that nice big bass you now have! :) Unless you watch with the lights on and/or blinds open during the day I'd be wary of the Black Diamond. The one I saw on demo had crazy sparklies that would drive someone nuts. And unless you are watching in the light, they are not really necessary (and very expensive too). I’d endorse the comments about acoustic panels and GIK. GIK will help you design the treatment plan to suit your room too, all free of...
 +1. And that lovely expanse of wall just cries out for a nice big PJ screen... :)
 IDK if it is normal but if you wrap a few turns of electrical tape around the plug it should give it a nice firm fit.
 Lots of useful info in the FAQ: f)4.    If I want to run my subs a little 'hot' where should I make the changes?
 Good point. 45dB is incredibly quiet - it's almost the noise floor here (and I live in the middle of open countryside).
 Yes, very odd. There's no version of MultEQ that has a res of 256x as you say. But the point is really that I was wrong to say the AS-EQ1 has always been offered as an XT32 equivalent. Clearly if it was ever released as 128x or 256x res, then it was not XT32 in those incarnations.
 That is interesting but it isn't taking the unit from XT to XT32.  XT has 128x the filter resolution and XT32 has 512x the resolution, so I am not sure what they mean when they say the FW update 'doubles' the resolution. That certainly wouldn't upgrade it to XT32. It would definitely upgrade it from 128x to 256x but would still be half that of XT32. Odd.
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