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I just got the 40" set and it seems blotchy in white scenes. I may exchange it
Is there a date for the M series sets? I am relocating for a few months and have to spend my furniture budget ASAP. I'm looking to buy a set by the middle of the month.
Is there a solid launch date for the M series yet? I need a TV ASAP as I'm relocating for a few months and have to spend my furniture budget by the end of the month. Are last years M series better than this years E series? I'm also going to be PC gaming on it.
I have a pretty nice system (3570K, GTX770) with a 144hz monitor and I really don't see the value in G-Synch as it propitery and with such a high refresh rate I don't see motion blur or tearing. If this was open to AMD as well and compatible with 120hz/240hz sets then I could get behind it.
This morning I woke up and I could not turn on my receiver. There was the green light around the button but nothing on the display. I had to uplug it and plug it back in. All is ok now but should I be concerned?
I can also ceiling mount it and bring it closer if need be
In my room, the projector wall is 12' away from the screen. The screen wall is 10' wide. Can I use this projector and what size screen can it support?
also, it's projecting onto a 10' wide wall
Please note the 12' is the farthest away the projector can be. It may need to be 11' away. Correction. I'm going to ceiling mount it so the distance from the wall is variable.
Hi guys, Like the title says, I need help picking a projector and screen for the room. I don't need or want 3D if that matters. The screen itself can be fixed, retractable, or whatever. Can you help?
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