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Is there a Denon receiver that can handle this with out going digital to analog? I'm not sure if the Apple TV can put out digital and analog at the same time. Is there some other option that I could consider? I want to be able to listen to music on my patio. I currently have a 5.2 setup in my living room with the Denon AVR
I want to set up zone 2 with my receiver but read in the manual that a digital source can't play into zone 2. Is this right? I want to use my Apple TV as an audio source for zone 2.
I have a VTF 2.4 and a SVS PB 10NSD. If I want to match the tuning of the VTF to the SVS, what do you recommend?
Don't waste your money on a super cube. Get the SVS
I own a sub from both companies and have wonderful things to say about both
Take off the wall plates and look to see if they are accidentally touching
I currently have an 8040 center speaker. Which Mythos speaker would be a good replacement for this?
how about this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-Su...ht_2945wt_1037 I also hate in these threads how people bash the OP for WAF. Not everybody's relationships are the same and we all have our pain points. If WAF wasn't real, there wouldn't be a term like WAF
No, you are fine. Set the crossover @100hz and it should blend well
Sorry, should have explained more. Yes, level matched them. Made sure that the Hsu is plugged in one port, set room eq to 1 and took a guess on the q at 5 as it sounded the most like the SVS. Ran audyssey on my Denon 791 too.
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