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Has anyone had issues with the audio being slightly out of sync with Blu-ray discs after updating to firmware 34? I am also unable to pause any Blu-ray movie. I hit the 'Pause' button and "Pause" appears on the screen but the movie continues and then the audio REALLY gets out of sync. No issues with DVD's or Netflix. I'm going to try rolling back to firmware 31 but would appreciate anyone's input as well.
My problem is definitely with all HD, not just one or two channels. Might be time for that service call.
Over the last 3 days, I've been having intermittent trouble with my HD channels through Armstrong in Medina. The picture is freezing up and the sound drops out. It's with both the STB and the QAM. SD channels are fine. It's bad for about 30 minutes then will be fine for hours. Anyone else having this problem?
Yeah, I saw that when I got home last night! VS HD and I also swapped my failing Moto for the Pace Tahoe. Life is good in Medina with Armstrong. Maybe I just need to keep wishing for channels on this forum. Let's see... how about HGTV HD for the wife.
Noticed over the weekend that Armstrong in Medina added FX-HD on channel 133. I continue to be impressed with their HD lineup and willingness to expand. Can't beat watching Batman Begins in HD! Anyone have any inside scoop into what Armstrong is working on adding next? I was hoping for some VS. HD to catch the Stanley Cup Playoffs but I think that's a long shot.
I'm an Armstrong subscriber in Medina using a Motorola DVR. I've read some things about the Pace Tahoe DVR which I see Armstrong has listed on their site. Does anyone have a Pace Tahoe DVR with Armstrong? Any opinions on whether it's better than the Motorola? The Tahoe looks like a step up and from what I've read, I could hook up an external drive via an e-SATA cable to increase my HD capacity. I'm very happy with Armstrong but not loving the Motorola. Always looking for...
No, I didn't. I plugged in my serial number on the Olevia site and it said there was no update for it. If someone knows otherwise, let me know. Thanks.
You're really waiting a minute or so? Literally?! The first time it happened, I waited about 20-30 seconds max before I hit the power button again. Now, I only wait about 10 seconds. Does the blue light go out as soon as you hit the power button and then it takes a minute to come on? If that's the case, that's not my experience. When I hit the power, the blue light stays on as if I never pushed the button.
The TV turns to standby, it doesn't turn to on from standby. In standby, blue light on, if I press power on the remote or the unit, it will not turn on. I need to cycle the power multiple times to get it to turn on.
I bought a refurbished 237T off of eBay and got it up and running last week. Great TV at a great price. One major problem though: the TV will not power on after turning it off. I need to cycle the power by flipping the main power switch in the back of the TV 30+ times to get it to turn back on. Called Olevia and they say they'll replace the TV. I was very impressed with how easy that was! Question: While I'm waiting for a replacement, I don't want to miss any college...
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