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What's up everyone, I just picked up a p42 and I wanted to know if anyone has a link to where I can download the latest firmware update? I've been searching for a while and I can't find anything. The 2 links that were posted on this thread are dead links now. And what is the latest firmware to come out? I might already have the latest one anyway. Thanks
What's going on everyone, just wanted to drop by after a long lay off from the forum. I just stopped by to check this out and it's nice to see that after almost 2 years my calibrations are still being used on the 750. Good to know that my time spent on the settings is still helping everyone out. Good Stuff fellas
Actually no, you can create a dishpass that's team specific by just naming the team and checking off the "info" instead of "title" button. That's how I have it setup for the SD channel, but my problem is that it doesn't work when you try to do it for the HD channel for some reason.
I tried that before, no matter how you do a dishpass it searches the same way so it doesn't make a difference where you start it from. What I did try was to just create a normal timer through the guide channel, but what happens is it only records the games that are played by the same two teams together. So it's a little better, but still not very good.
The only thing that shows up in the guide data for that event are the team names on the title, it doesn't have any description info that I can use, I tried it anyway but it didn't work.
We really need BBC in HD here in America, Top Gear in HD would be soooo great.
I just became a Dish subscriber not too long ago, so I'm still trying to get used to the DVR system, I had DTV before this. I'm having an issue when I try to schedule my sports programming on the DVR. What I'm trying to do is simply automatically record all future games for my teams. On the DTV DVR, I would just do a search for the teams name and set it to record all the future games and it would do so. However now with the Dish DVR I'm having trouble doing the same....
I just joined Dish yesterday, yeah they still have 1-cent cinemax, it's for 1 year, and yes you have to sign up for both the auto-pay and paperless billing. They also have the HBO and Starz/Encore free for 3-months.
I just became a new dish subscriber after a long time with DTV. I wanted to ask about the RSN's in HD for those who have Dish. Is it just one channel for both HD & SD broadcast on SUN & FSNFL? Or do they have separate channels for HD?
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