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So the phosphors are aging during the first 100-200 hours, but not so much that it actually makes a difference whether some of them just fire black the whole time? Sorry, I'm new to plasma. I understand that the D-Nice slides aren't designed to prevent burn-in down the road, but I've also seen advice saying you should only watch full-screen content for the first 100 hours. The slides seem as safe an option as any as far as full-screen content goes — safer than just...
Given that, what is the best way to age a panel to the point where it's safe to watch pillar-boxed and letter-boxed content? The majority of my TV usage is watching movies, and at least 65% of those movies are in Academy, 1.66:1 or 2.35:1. I don't have enough full-screen content that I really want to watch right now to go through 100 hours of it (although I have plenty of 1.66:1 movies, which has the slimmest bars), so the safest bet seemed to be to age the phosphors with...
Would you recommend watching at a preset for a while before putting your settings in? Thanks!
Why am I not seeing this option? While the photos are playing there's only closed caption options, but even after I exit media player I don't see an "Anti image retention" option under Setup on my P50S64. Thanks and sorry to be a pest.
I bought mine in Sandy, Utah, but was told that two other locations in the Salt Lake Valley area had them. The one near my house in SLC didn't, so my options were 16 miles north or 15 miles south. This location had 20 in stock, much better than the two 65S64s in stock (only in the location up north in Bountiful). I didn't expect the Costcos in my area to have an edge in terms of getting the 50S64 early after the long wait for the 65", but I have one in my house right now....
Yes, I ended up going into terminal and deleting all the extra files. I think it must be reference files the Mac OS writes for thumbnails or something. Thanks for the input! Everything is running now. I accidentally ran it on "standard" settings instead of "custom" for a few hours because I forgot that you have to change the setting after selecting the input, but hopefully that doesn't ruin things too much.
Has anyone else's TV shown 12 "!" photos that can't be displayed in addition to the 12 slides? That's what I'm getting, which means I'm pretty screwed as far as break-in goes, unless I want "media cannot be displayed" burnt into the screen.
For those waiting on the 50" S64, they have 20 at one of the Costcos near me (well, the fourth closest, 15 miles away). Interesting, since the only near me that got the 65" only got two including the display model. Does anyone happen to have the box dimensions so I can see if it'll fit in my car? I'm sure they're somewhere, but I can't find them online. EDIT: Guy at Costco says 52.5" x 31" x 10".
I've finally been told of a Utah Costco with the 65S64 in stock, 30 minutes away from my house. A guy at the Costco near my house looked it up for me. The price he quoted was $100 more than the price on the website, negating shipping costs, so it might be easier to go with that and not worry about finding a car to fit it in.
Thanks for sharing the S64 sightings. In Utah, none of the Salt Lake Valley Costcos have the S64 yet. I'm told that they're waiting to clear out the 55" UT50s. The guy I talked to said they still had 20 in stock, so I might be out of luck here.
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