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He said if I didn't have it in 2 weeks, it should be shipping within 2 weeks.
I actually talked to Chad the other day about upgrading and he told me to keep the $100 and buy some games/movies to enjoy the sub. He told me the Knight will do everything I need. Needless to say, I feel good about supporting his company.
True, I put in BF2 on the 360 and I had to turn it down compared to the setting the 606 was on for the TV. I don't like having to almost max out a reciever. Like Joe said, there is alot of differences in volume levels from different sources. I am going to play with the 606 some more before I decide if I want to keep it or not.
I just spoke to Chad, what a cool guy. Anyway, he said he is about caught up on back orders and my Knight, which I ordered Sunday, shouldn't be more than 2 weeks. I asked him if the Knight was right for my room/set-up or should I step up. He told me to save the $100 and go and buy some more games/movies to enjoy the sub. Now that is a guy taking care of the customer, he cost himself $100.
What source were you using? I believe I had my volume at 60-65 on BHD. I am a believer that you should have more power in a receiver than you need. I don't ever recall maxing out the HK.
I played with mine some more today with BRs. The 606 is not near as powerful as my HK. I had Blackhawk Down in the PS3 and I cranked the 606 to max and it wasn't real loud. I didn't hear much coming out of the surrounds in BHD. Yesterday when I tried BF2 on the 360, the surrounds were alittle too loud. The sound isn't consistant. I am not happy and I am thinking of returning it. On the PS3, the 606 had PCM on the display so I assume it was 5.1. I also have the hdmi as pass...
They won't be shipping until July and I wanted it sooner. I like the design of the Knight plus Craigsub's list gave it a high score. Everyone in the Epik thread talks highly about them. If I don't like it, I can return it or sell it and try another.
I thought that I read when the Elite first came out that a optical cable was still needed for audio. I guess I am wrong if you do get dd out of it. Did yours comes with the dongle for audio?
I was watching Tears of the Sun on my PS3 and the 606 showed it was receiving PCM. Waxings, the 606 will only upconvert to 1080i but the 360 can do 1080p over component so I guess you can hook it up with pass thru. I have my 360 hooked to my tv since I like different settings than my cable.
I just ordered the Knight. It should be here in a couple weeks.
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