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Plasmas are not the only sets with gloss screens. A lot of LCDs have glossy screens too, such as my Samsung. I prefer my plasmas over my LCDs for gaming and TV.
Midi Maze on the Atari ST was the biggest "wow" in memory. Bringing home my new Atari VCS was a big day.
This is probably the best forum for help with PS3 questions, but not the best for PS3s with CFW. On this forum, almost everyone here runs stock firmware and doesn't discuss CFW.
I don't think anyone has ever identified why this happens. I'm 50/30 and get the same speeds as you. It really isn't anything to worry about, online games will still work just fine.
If the source I will be watching is limited, I see no need to calibrate using full.
Nobody answered you, so even though your question is a few days old, I'll answer. I have a 60ST50 and a 65VT60. Both have the PS3 (I don't have a PS4) set to limited. A quick check with the WOW BD showed that it was impossible to properly set levels on full.
It probably had more to do with the placement of speaker A vs. speaker B. Room placement can make huge differences in sound.
Radio, my bad. I have a VT60 and that's what I meant on power consumption, not an ST60. But I do have an ST50 too. Nu Soard, Lighten up, it was meant tongue in cheek.
I still don't know why we are discussing power consumption. As I stated in my first post in this thread, my 65ST60 is rated at $32 per year based on 5 hours of use per day (every day) at 11 cents per kWh. If that's a concern, you can't afford a new TV or a PS4 anyway.Based on your post, the Panasonic wins. It's a "measurable difference" after all.LED has nothing to do with color accuracy. LCD does. LED is the backlighting method. Since we are being so nit picky. And I...
Well, probably the reason nobody is discovering this is because it is odd to invest in the equipment and media to play a BluRay disc, then play through TV speakers?
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