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The Samsung 5300 series Plasma are TV only. I think the biggest is 64" .
Well considering you can buy a 60" Samsung 5300 for $600 - $700..depends on the model and how much it would be to fix.
Sorry wrong thread......
This is what you need ...PC/HTPC Universal IR Remote Switch for $30 its the easiest and best solution.
S+1 the 3D isn't worth the extra money. As for the smart TV features just get a ROKU or make a HTPC.
I have the PN605350 (Costso version) and watch alot of ESPN too and never experienced any IR. My boys play tons of BF4 and Call of Duty the HUD leaves a faint IR but just normal TV watching (Discovery HD, or Sci HD) usually cleans it right up.
I would try to ground the sub. Take a piece of wire and connect it to a good ground then just touch it to the sub amp (any place on the metal) to see if that eliminates it.
+1 for ground problem How is your electrical panel grounded? Ground rod...water pipe?
Had the day off from work and decided to see what deals the local stores had on TVs. Well I really only have 3 options BB, Costco and Sears. To my surprise BB had not one plasma and to make things worse the dude in the blue shirt told me "they" stopped making plasmas in 2013 (because they are not as efficient as LCD\LED, problems with burn-in, and people just prefer LCD\LED) and I could only get a LCD\LED. I had to laugh. It makes me sad to see all these people who get...
Bitcoins....where to start. I've mined for them about 2yrs ago when the difficulty rate was low and I could get 2 coins a day but now unless your getting/have an ASIC miner GPU's and FPGA's really ain't worth it. Plus with the US government getting involved its getting harder to convert to actual currency. Yes its kinda silly to have a computer (or multiply) with 4 or 5 AMD video cards blowing breakers or people getting busted because the police think they have a...
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