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SeLf....I was in your boat recently. Having read some stuff here, I decided to go with the 103 (as I don't have a large screen or a projector) and put the difference towards my new Denon AVR.Personal choice and all that....Seggers
Bub, I haven't forgotten you. I just haven't had the time to get to your PM. Also, for those out there that may still want it, I have the DSP and 1.08 FW update files still. Both are zips, both have instructions etc, both can be emailed (PM me privately), both are on *your* head to do.... Seggers
No more than a few times a year now, for me. Most of the reasons here are my reasons as well. I'd like to see more films, but it's expensive and I have a fairly decent HT setup. I do miss the really big screen though. Seggers
I haven't read all 6 pages as I cant be bothered.... The survey is a little vague. It doesn't specify whether the poll includes subs in it or not. So is a 7.2 setup 7, or 9, speakers? Seggers
I'm still waiting for, and saving up for, news on the 90s... Seggers
NC, took me a few days to get to/find this (the X4000 has slightly different menu structures) but I am happy to report that it worked. By this I mean changing both the AVR and the TiVo settings. I might try putting the TiVo back to it's bitstream like setting and let the 4000 try that.But if not, I now know what works. So thanks for that.Seggers
I put it back in the box for when I sell on the Oppo. In about a decade....Seggers
Good news! My Oppo 103 arrived yesterday. I've got as far as opening the box (nice bag) and putting it away again. If I can pry the wife and her new version of The Sound of Music away from the TV/PS3 I can get this puppy installed. Seggers
So I have a question about my X4000 and the TiVo. When I skip through the ads, or when a show ends, the thing clicks like it's loosing signal or changing source feeds. Is this OK? The reason i ask is the 805 it replaced never did that. Seggers
The AVR, the Denon X4000. The HDMI inputs deal with the goodies and the NAS is hard wired through either the AVR or the PS3. Seggers
New Posts  All Forums: