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No it is not.
Well my first dual set was bought in April of 2009 , so almost 5 years old now and luckily no problems yet.  My younger third one is probably the same age as the sub that went bad on you. Last run of Audyssey was ran in January this year and I did not hear anything bad, so maybe you just got a lemon. It's great the Hus family took care of you and gives me a good feeling that if the problem arises in my system they will be there for me too.
Thanks Jerry for the instructions. Can you think of which movie did the damage? Also what was the age of the sub that went bad?
Awsome looking speakers. Can't wait to hear them in person.
Welcome to the club, I did hardwire the first time I turned on my Oppo. Let it run the update and do a factory reset if the Oppo suggests it. Then join the Oppo to your router via wireless. After that check your signal strength inside the Oppo network menu to see how high of a signal you are getting. I have a Asus RT-N66U upstairs with the Oppo on the main floor and I get 90%. Since the first time update,  I have done all other updates over the wireless connection with no...
That's what I thought you meant but was not totally sure. So do you use the other apps and if so when you turn them off to watch a blu-ray or just turn off the Oppo you could get those logs. So IOW it's not an issue.
Your response to me when I asked if you used the streaming apps like Netflix or even Pandora your responds was"I have My network turned off" and I was confused by your response. If you were to be running an app on the Oppo and then switched to doing something else I could see why you might get those "HTTP Connection from closed unexpectedly" log entries in your router and want to confirm you still had the Oppo networked. Which if you are getting update...
Do you get notification of firmware updates?
No I have the same router. Do you use the streaming services?
I have setup 3 different ULS multiple systems in friend's homes and was never happy with the wireless feature. Everyone of them needed to be switched over to a wired setup due to interference from other wireless devices in the home. If Hsu had provided more than just the 4 channels then I could recommend using the wireless setup. Splitting the signal on multiple splitters does not effect the signal strength. Two of the 4 subs I had on the splitters were over 25 feet away...
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