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Here is the link ... http://www.avforums.com/forums/showt...13#post7068994 Rgds Chris
Sorry, try avforums.com (not AVS). It contains an ISCPRemote Server that you can use to send commands to the Onkyo via LAN (once you have enabled web control in the set-up). Rgds Chris
Pieter see AVS thread no. 765113 Works great with my 905. Rgds Chris
The 750 User Manual states the following file formats for DLNA 1. Image : JPEG (jpg, jpeg) 2. Audio : MP3 (mp3) 3. Video : MPEG1(mpg, mpeg), MPEG2 PS/TS(mpg, mpeg, trp, ts, tp), divx(mpg, mpeg, avi), MPEG4 / H.264 (mpg, mpeg) For USB the supported video file formats are defined as follows File Type: Video Decoder, Resolution, Audio Codec avi: Xvid, 800x600, ADPCM/PCM avi: H.264 MP, 1920x1080, AC3 avi: MPEG4 SP, 800x600, ADPCM/PCM avi: MPEG4 ASP,...
Hi all I was wondering whether Onkyo was offering a service for finding and keeping Internet radio stations up to date like yamaha and Denon do with the v-tuner service with the 905. If you go to http:\\\\onkyo.vtuner.com obviously there is a dedicated Onkyo page. Is this aimed at the TX NR 5000? Or is it in expectation of new firmware functionality for the 905 or new models in the 2008 lineup? Or have I missed out something (could not find a v-tuner/Onkyo...
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