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Like a lot of foreign based tv shows, I thought this show will turn into a really good series. The characters are different from most american based shows, which can only be a plus.
Here is how I do it. I wait till I can get a 2 for one special. Example hbo and cinamax. sign up for it and during those three months I watch all the hbo to go and cinamax on demand series that I can watch. Then I do the same thing with showtime and stars the next 3 months. I have netflix to watch things like Breaking Bad and other series I haven't seen. Wait six months and do the same thing again.
Those are the memorable highlights that make me really love my 110 inch projector.
glad I watched the results show, Brooke where has that dress been all season.
Thank You for the reply
I am thinking about buying this,but I have a question or 2. If someone could help, it would be great. 1. How good is the wifi on this unit. How close to the router do you need to be. 2. What smart tv apps does it have. Netflix hulu, Hbogo? 3.. how good is the atsc tuner. Thanks in advance. Tim
My wife and I started watching it yesterday. I would agree that it is a great show.
There is a thread started by me where some people have posted their settings. Its not the big thread, its in a different thread than that. I used the settings posted there and really improved my picture. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1446790/lg-pa70g-settings-can-someone-post-there-custom-settings-for-best-picture
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