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Spent $17K with BB in the past year. Returned 2 things in the past 365 days amounting to $155. Today, I was denied a return and was told I had to wait 90 days before returning anything else. Store manager didn't care about what I've spent and told me "there's nothing I can do, call the number on receipt". I'll never purchase another thing there and I hope they learn a hard lesson from these types of policies.
Guys, I have something weird. Weeks ago I ran Audyssey and all has been fine (I think) until today when I changed the amplifier section to pre all. Now, when I go into the audio section I can't turn on Audyssey. All the options are greyed out. What happened? I checked the front of the receiver and no Audyssey logos.
Mine looks like 9/12 was the date. In my experience, with solid state devices, if it goes bad it will in the first month. But who knows. At least I can take it to a B&M store if something goes wrong.
It seems like most of the people that are coming to this thread with issues purchased it used or from an unauthorized dealer. Mine is still perfect. Purchased from Magnolia 3 months ago. I'll check back in a month and see who else has crooked displays or improper gauge power cords. Maybe this is the very reason there are authorized dealers to begin with. This will be my 6th Denon receiver and not one issue. Just to bring some balance to this fear mongering...
Well I have spent the last day comparing different crossover combinations for my Mythos ST/ ULS-15 setup and I've discovered it sounds best with the Mythos ST's crossed at 40HZ. I don't have any idea why. Maybe it has something to do with the ULS's having a lower perceived output because of their sealed design but it sounds fuller with the ST's crossed lower. I'm going to experiment with bumping the volume a bit higher on the HSU subwoofers as opposed to leaving it where...
Cool, well I will try them out that way. You cross over at 80hz? I think I'll try 60hz first just to I can utilize their powered subs at the top end. Thanks for all of the advice on these. We will have to see how it goes.
I can't help but think that maybe I should just sell my Mythos ST's and just go with SM65's if I plan to cross everything over at 80hz. Seems like the mid range performance of the SM65 would be roughly equal to the ST's.
Thanks, I'll try it out. Might as well use the HSU's to their full potential right? They are amazingly clean subs.
I do appreciate this response. I've tried the level matching but couldn't get it right. Both knobs are at 12 and then I just run Audyssey XT32 on my Denon 4520 and let it do the rest. Somewhere deep inside I know that the HSU's will put out better bass but it seems like I'll be wasting the ST's potential. Almost like I might as well just have bookshelf speakers all around.
Hey guys, question for those who know. I am running Mythos ST's, Mythos Ten for center and Monitor 55's for rears. I just purchased two HSU ULS15's and here's my question. Would you guys crossover the Mythos ST's at 40hz or 60hz or just go ahead and run them full band and use the HSU's to handle the rest? I know the Mythos ST's sound great for towers but I am guessing my subwoofers put out higher quality bass. Thoughts?
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