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Solid advice.. the Aton piece is really the best chance you have at not blowing up your zone 2 output
Vanco make a system that works most of the time!
Be very careful using a switch made for one amp and two sets of speakers. Many switches are "shorting" meaning they do not break one circuit before making the next. You could end up routing the output of one amp to the output of the other momentarily while making the switch.
Seriously 7915A is half the price, for most jobs every bit as adequate as 1694A.
Belden 1694A and 7915A Genesis 5003,5027, 5034 I am sure there are more but I looked at the actual boxes we had
You can get Belden 7916A which is solid copper for under $150 - or a genesis BC version for even less ( and odds are the Genesis is US made)
go with Xantech ... this DL85 kit is what we use
You dont have to have a USB port .. the "cable" can be powered using a USB wallwart
Personally I would skip that little amp and either do all Sonos or stick with the xantech piece. I know the xantech piece has an rs232 port on it and I would bet you could use irule & global cache or another similar to control the digi5 unit with rs232
Atlona and Vanco have moderately priced 8x8's as long as you dont want to use HDBase-T technology, the products should all be HDCP compliant. Its EDID issues that one usually has to be more concerned with.
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