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Just hooked up this player, the problem I have is that my receiver isn't HDMI. I want to be able to hook HDMI up to the TV and digital audio (optical) to my receiver. Worked with my PS3 but I'm struggling with how to do that with the Blu-ray player, am I missing something obvious in settings? Thanks in advance.
Just recently the right and left front speakers have stopped working with my Yamaha HTR-5280. The speakers are fine because I have tested them out. I just can't seem to figure out what the issue is with the receiver. The center, left rear and right rear speakers work fine. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
Personally I guess we have to wait until either XM or Sirius sends us the info.
Talking to Sirius I won't have to get a new radio to get both signals. IF I do then when will they be available?
Now that the merger has happened, when will we be able to select different stations between XM and Sirius?
Digital HD cable box was bad and running the analog/coaxial cable thru the VCR/DVD player to the HD digital cable box wouldn't allow the cable box to recognize the IP address needed for OnDemand. You can use a splitter and then run the analog/coaxial to the HD cable box and to the VCR/DVD player if you wish.
Speed TV
I have HDMI working now, just not OnDemand yet. I was told to wait up to maybe a hour to get the listings, does this sound right?
Just purchased the Phillips 47PFL7432D and picked up a HD box from Comcast. One problem I have is that I can't get the OnDemand to work, I just have a "please wait" on the screen. The other problem is that I can't get the HDMI working so I'm on Component cables right now. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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