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I still haven't gotten TVGOS working.... not sure whats going on
Both my dad and I run DTV Pal recorders and neither of us has been getting any TV Guide data (in Bluftton & Ossian) since the storms. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!
Fox's time is changing and it is throwing off my DVR Anybody have any info on why this is happening? All the other channels are correct. I checked after work, and it was working properly, but then tonight it switched again!
My guide is back up! Thanks for keeping us updated.
I lost it in Ossian, and so did my dad down in Bluffton. We both have the DTVPal DVR. I'm pretty sure PBS is broadcasting the signal in our area instead of CBS who usually does it.
How soon we getting full power for WFFT?!?!? I want it now!
Just noticed last night that WFFT is finally broadcasting guide data like all the other stations. You can finally see whats showing for the next 8 hours! Might as well beg for 3-7 days of data while I'm at it
Ah yes, I noticed that my time always changes when I go to that channel. Stupid me. I never put two and two together. If digital is the future, why is WFFT so far behind?!?!
Anybody getting PSIP data from Fox? I don't know how long its been now, maybe a few weeks, but I'm not getting any show information from them. Somebody have the low down on this?
I second this. I would be nice if one of the Fort Wayne channels picked up digital TVGOS.
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