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ok bu on my ati 4670 card I have , one digital dvi and one vga input and one hdmi output, so if I want to plug my pj(which has hdmi input/output) directly to my ati card I'll have to buy a dvi to hdmi adaptor? that would fix the problem?
thanks, I guess there was one thing I didn't try I always use my pj as an a second display, I guess i'll have to try this out when asus will send my card back but what I don't understand is that you are sayinh it is a ati problem??? if it is an ati problem then why does it properly show my projector resolution when I use my pj as a second display when I bypass the xonar card??
did asus try to fix the EDID communication problem??? Even with hdmi doctor and all windows versions you can imagine, I coudn't get the xonar to show 1920x1080 from my PJ. I sent mu card back and cross my finger I can get it to work with the new one i'll get.
yeah and what about xonar slim driver update that will fix the hdmi handshake problem.
I have the same problem as you and I waste another 125$ on the gefen hdmi detective that was suppose to fix my problem but it didn't do squa.t The big problem is the asus xonar that doesn't detect hdmi device properly
it is set properly I saw the light flash and stay green afterwards and instead of seeing integra dtc 9.8 in catalyst I now see ae-3000 which is my pj in the monitor name display. I try to move the detective to different place same result what piss me off is that it was working at first but since it lost the hanshake I can't get it back
the hdmi detective is between my vga card and the slim. I might try to put it between my pj and pre/pro too.
I still have handshake problem even with the hdmi detective program for my projector. It always detect my projector but not with the right resolution. What can I do to get the handshake back?? pluging unpluging hdmi cable? switching hdmi input? I am quite desperate now, could I possibly have a faulty card??
I am glad it still work good for you xgecko. I switch back to windows xp 32 bit sp2 but still have the wrong parameters showing on my PJ( it show 640x480 8 bit instead of 1920x1080 32 bit) I got a handshake problem and I should get the hdmi detective soon. I hope it will fix the problem.
xgecko mine work rigth out of the box for 2 days until I got thst hdmi handshake. I tried reinstalling from fresh windows install but no luck, now my second display is in low-res only. just order the detective it should be here in a few weeks.
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