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I thought for the longest time that it was my internet connection. And then I read the comments on their latest Naval Strike trailer. Almost every comment was complaining about rubber banding. I can't believe how far DICE has fallen since the excellent BC2. Guess EA really is the worst company in the world if they can take a great company like DICE and get them to churn out a crapfest like this.
I don't know if it's more powerful on evil or if it just feels that way because you're turning your enemies into ash. Either way, it's pretty sweet. And those brain frying executions don't ever seem to get old.
Smoke rules all. I don't care if it's the most powerful or not. I just started an evil playthrough and I think the game is even more fun now. Vaporizing your enemies instead of subduing them is so much more satisfying. Plus, no more worrying about killing a bystander and losing my Karma streak.
Yeah, I know. But they never seem to be there when I need them. Unlimited neon is definitely the way to travel.edit:Not sure how I managed that.
Yeah, I know. But they never seem to be there when I need them.
My only complaint is smoke needs a way to fast scale buildings. No reason you shouldn't be able to smoke dash up the side of a building. After all, heat rises. It's also kind of annoying that you can be standing next to a fire and not be able to absorb the clearly visible smoke coming from it.
I just played Infamous for about 2 hours and the top right is a bit warm, but certainly not hot. So I guess it's fine.
How much air can you feel blowing out the back of your PS4? I can hear the fan, but I don't feel much movement. I can feel heat, but not blowing air. Kind of odd and not sure if that's normal.
Too large to embed, but this is a nice GIF. http://cdn.memearcade.com/2014/1/28/84971a098e484f12c2451b4bfe1ddee5.gif Now that's next gen.
New Posts  All Forums: