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I have a garage that I'm converting into a theatre room. The room is 19'3"x19'4" I framed out my riser 19'3"x7' and I was wandering what size screen could I go with if my first row of seating is roughly about 9' away from where I would like to mount my screen. I don't want a heavy eye strain if ya know what I mean. Ceiling is 9' high as well. Thanks.
If I have a 2:35 I can watch any movie in 2D and in 3D with no black bars with lens memory and 16:9 content on 2:35 as well with out black bars. Cause on av forum TV on YouTube they say that the lens memory doesn't work in 3D. So I'm confused I'm a new at all this. I really like to have a scope screen without having to buy a lens. I want everything to fit on the scope screen no matter what I'm watching is that possible with the 7000
Then what's the benefits of having a lens memory if you still have black bars?
Is the panny worth buying I see some negative comments and then some positive comments? Does anyone no if you buy a new panny does all updates come with it already or do you have to send it back to panny once you buy it? Thanks.
Can anyone tell me if I go with a 2:35:1 screen with the panny can I use the lens memory in 2D and 3D formats? And also will the lens memory work when I watch TV as well? Thanks.
Can anyone tell me if the pannys lens memory works when whatching 3D movies? Also will there be black bars on a 2:35:1 screen if you are watching a 2:35:1 movie? Just wandering cause I know its a 16:9 projector or will you still have to stretch it with the lens memory. Thanks,
Would you buy the Epson 6010 or the panny? Why would one over the other?
Its a detached garage and it doesn't have garage doors its Hardy all the way around outside. But green glue it has better reviews when you put clips in then double sheet rock with 5/8 with three tubes of glue. I already have 1/2 sheet rock.
I have a 400 square foot garage that I'm converting into theatre room. It already has existing walls with insulation. I really don't want to build a room within a room. So I guess what I'm asking is, is there another way to sound proof it with out building another room inside the room? I have looked at quiet rock and green glue but there are so many mixed opinions and not sure what to do. I don't want to spend a lot of money on the room. I am on a budget though I don't...
What type of problems is everyone having with this projector. I'm still looking to buy one and a few people on avs tell me to go with the panny but so many of y'all are having so many problems. Does any one know of a dealer in Houston where I could view it. I haven't been able to fined it in Houston only online but I would really like to see it in action before I buy one.
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