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I would be willing to bet that spending 1k more on a projector would yield a much greater performance gain than spending more 1k on a screen.
Does it say anything about it in the manual.
you might not be setting it up right, i love 7.1 over 5.1 go to the dolby webpage and they have a section there for speaker placement.
eh, try unplugging it for 3 mins, and replugging it in. There maybe an electronic fuse in the back that u need to reset. Look in the manual i think there is something in there about that.
hmmm, no recommendations, 48 views, is my price to low or something?
hmmm, no one?
really? oh i thought they did, hhmmm
You receiver or Pre pro may be able to set a lower X over than the Sub, also just because your speakers say they can go down to 50Hz doesnt mean that they will do it well, if they are small floor standing speakers i doubt they can go lower then 70Hz +-3dB( depending how and what you mean by "small" floor standing speakers, need more info)
Looking for a stand alone. NEGATIVE on the PS3. The truth is that it really isnt that great compared to stand-alones(for big screen size applications), yes it is a great value and future proof, but if we are considering strict performance, the PS3 is not the best by far. Its loud, its power hungry and isnt that great with STD DVD's.
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