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I am currently running a 7.1 set-up with this reciever. I have (2) rows of seating with my side surrounds at the first row. I wanted to know if there would be any adverse effects on the reciever to add a 2nd row of surrounds at the 2nd row. My speakers are 8 ohm. I was thinking of wiring them in parallel which make them 4 ohm. Sorry if this has been asked before - I did use the search function. Thanks in advance.
Well after a lot of reading and a few months of research, I finally purchased from Newegg.com. (The sale was ending today). This receiver has everything that I was looking for +. Hopefully the issues are fixed. It is replacing my H/K AVR525 that I have been having some issues with. Can't wait! i will post my thoughts when I get it hooked up - hopefully, they will be positive.
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TerryFancy seeing you here - bye!
I have had an AVR525 for about 4 years. I too hate the fact that everytime we lose power I lose all of my settings. I can't label the inputs, but I lose all of my speaker calibrations. I haven't had a problem with the subwoofer - I have had an instance where the balance no longer worked - doesn't seem to be a problem now though. My biggest complaint besides the "erasing" of memory is the delay when switching aufio sources - most notable when watching DirectTV - I hate...
D-extreme - how do you like it? How bad is the gap in sound when changing? My Harman/Kardon is like 3 seconds.
Maybe I should look at a Denon .......?
I guess that it is not a given that if I bought a new unit that it would have the latest firmware.?. Do you have to send the receiver to the factory to get the latest firmware?
I am currently looking very hard at buying this receiver. The one thing I hate about my H/K AVR525 is the noticable gap in sound when switching channels or from 2 channel to 7.1. Does this receiver have this issue?
Thanks John - what do you think of the Onkyo TXSR805? Do you have personal experience with the Denon? I was thinking Denon, Onkyo or Pioneer. I guess the gap in the sound is a Harman-Kardon thing? My Sony didn't do that.
New Posts  All Forums: