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But......He'll still be stuck with a Panasonic.
I think you meant to say Kuro gave the flat panel industry "The Jewel In The Crown" I still think one of the want to be manufacturers will buy the current Kuro secrets and hire the Pio engineering geeks to carry on as the "Jewel In The Crown"
I think you should stay away from the cooking sherry
No. It is the LN32A550. I have space constraints in my bedroom and could no larger than 32". It is a decent set but kind of a let down when I start watching a program on my Kuro and then decide to finish watching it on the Samsung. The Samsung PQ is so far behind.
Tis a time of mourning Please lower the flags to half mast. (I'm serious)
Sorry but, you're wrong.
Why wouldn't Panasonic want to use the superior technology??
With respects to picture quality, Vizio was never really in the plasma business.
Jump on the most Pioneer you can afford. They'll become like land. They don't make any more.
But.....It's the best goddamn tv.
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