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It's not spoken of here but most avoid non-defeatable subs on foreign discs by ripping the video file from the Blu-ray to a server and then forcibly removing the subtitle track. You can then burn it back to a BD-R without the subs.
The disappointing box office of Superman Returns directly caused Man of Steel's contrarian take on the character. Man of Steel is a decent Hollywood blockbuster, more grounded in modern action Sci-Fi than the comic books that birthed Superman.
The Wolverine (Extended Cut) recommendation: Tier 0 (lower half) This one ended up in Tier 1.0 by the votes but I think it deserves a placement in the lower half of Tier 0. Wolverine is the best there is at what he does and apparently that extends to Blu-ray. Inky black levels and consistently amazing depth produce a real stunner, one that almost never wavers in video quality. Aside from a couple of momentary color grading decisions that go wrong in the fleshtones,...
Truly, the fight sequences are some of the most poetic ever committed to film. Its Oscar nomination for cinematography was not a fluke.The Devil's Rock (Canadian)recommendation: Tier 1.0*I didn't expect much from the video going in, all I knew about this movie beforehand were its storyline of demonic Nazi sorcery and that it came from New Zealand. Well, the extremely sharp RED cinematography blew me away for a horror movie. This is possibly the best results I've...
It's already been done, they call it THX. THX came up with a uniform set of audio standards for a variety of different home environments. I think people pay less and less attention to it, these days.
Yes, that unfortunately appears endemic to the original cinematography in select shots. Mostly I remember it being a problem in the first act with some of the darkest interiors. There are definite instances of crushing for those interior scenes. It's one of the reasons why I gave it a ranking close to Tier 4. The Grandmaster is certainly a moody-looking film, especially before it switches to Gong Er's story in more depth.
I think we'll be seeing more of that grainless trend as the next generation of filmmakers take over. The economics of film don't make sense these days and the entire production chain for Hollywood movies is shifting towards digital cameras. I do believe that digital film has different strengths and weaknesses than 35mm film. It's a different visual medium in some regards.I wish 70mm productions were more in vogue but it's such an unwieldy format to produce.
Part of the problem is that there are few surprises left in 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. We've been hearing the same things now for close to a decade and the audience has become jaded about the latest sonic pyrotechnics.
Fight Club The various Toy Stories Superman Superman II: Theatrical Cut All-Star Superman Star Wars: Episodes 4-6 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade My collection is at the size where it's too big for me to heavily re-watch Blu-rays, I still have too many unwatched discs.
K: The Complete Series recommendation: Tier 1.0* A relatively new anime series, having been produced in 2012 and released over here in the States just over a month ago by Viz Media. This is a splashy affair loaded with great detail in the highly polished backgrounds. The animation is a cut above most of the television fare coming out of Japan these days, it was definitely intended to shine in HD. There are a number of CGI elements included to spruce up the hand-drawn...
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