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That is certainly a possible and likely scenario.
In fairness,Walmart will let people return stuff after years. Lol. I used to work at Walmart and they used to let people return stuff that was a couple years old for a full refund. They're such a huge company that they don't care. Returns rarely affect them. Someone probably bought it, let it sit around for a few months, decided they didn't want it and returned it. Not odd for Walmart at all.
The funny thing is, Samsung, themselves, set up the demo to show the difference and apparently, there really wasn't a huge difference. Obviously, watching something in motion would be better, but why would Samsung set up something like that to show the difference? They apparently, thought it was a good demo to show the differences.I also don't know where you saw a comparison, but most people who have seen most comparisons have said they were setup deceptively, ie: Best...
If it's actually being sold by Amazon, it should be a genuine product. If it's not, you can return it. That said, all HDMI cables are not all built the same. I've had some cheap ones that have given me a fuzzy signal or sparkles on the TV. However, Monster cables are extremely overpriced and not worth it. But, for $13 bucks, it's a good cable. But, yeah, Monoprice will give you the same result.
I'm really excited to view all my old SD TV shows and play my huge library of SNES, NES, and Genesis games on an 80"+ 4K curved screen. I wish there was a way to make HD sets that weren't a fixed resolution. With that rant out of the way, I used to really like Samsung, but if this curved BS doesn't stink of a marketing gimmick, I don't know what does. Give it a year or two and Samsung will be pushing other stupid crap. This curved BS reminds me of their touch of...
I'd say 5 to 7 speakers and then let the subwoofer count fly wild! Theaters and sound engineers can go ahead and keep upping the number of channels in their mixes, but most average people don't have room for 10+ speakers in any room of their house. Most people don't have a dedicated theater either. Hell, even when the average person decides to do some kind of surround sound setup, they go with satellites for ease of installation. Look at how popular HTIB are, still. ...
I don't see any reason not to just use HDMI. That's what I use, straight off my graphics card and into my receiver. It works like a charm.
Their 4th of July sale was pretty decent last year too.
You should really match up your front three speakers. That Klipsch is going to sound waaaayyyyy different than those Monitors.
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