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Most people don't think of Energy as a 'good' sub company. You probably heard the low level ones (Power or ESW-C) at BB, not the older ones like the ESW-V8/10 or the S8.3, S10.3 or S12.3 which were actually quite good overall. Still, internet direct such as Rythmik, SVS, HSU and eD are probably your best options depending on your budget and room size.
Interesting...Photo 1 has the right idea using the same speaker throughout the system but having the subs up on the shelves, I think you'd want them on the floor ideally.Photo 2 is also not bad but I would be concerned having towers on stools like that. Seems like it could be a hazard if you bumped it accidentally.
Probably not. But it's hard to pass up since those C-C3s are so rare.
So my dad has C-7s and a LCR but I recently found a C-C3 on the used market in great condition and a reasonable price tag ($360 shipped). I know the C-C3 is the direct predecessor of the LCR but I am wondering if it'd be worth it to replace the LCR in favor of C-C3? or is it a close enough match not to bother? I'm just really curious how they would stack up because the LCR has a superior tweeter (although to be honest those "C" series are pretty close), but the C-C3 has...
I'm trying to find a good bang for buck sub for my brother is all. Wasn't sure if $250 was a good price for what I'd be getting or if there are better options in that price bracket. I just remember people being satisfied with the performance of a S10.3.
I would like some feedback. I found a used S10.3 on the local market in good condition and the guy said he won't take any less than $250CAN. Should I take the plunge? He also has a S12.3 but I didn't inquire about it, I assume that would be around $400. Any suggestions?
I meant Audyssey DSX / DTS NEO X for "Front Wide" placement.http://www.audyssey.com/technologies/dsxIf you are only running 5.1 don't worry about it but if you later expand to 7.1 or beyond, the RC30 will act as a great "front wide" speaker.
Check my signature below. I have 3 RC70 Left, Right and Center. I upgraded from LCR about 2 years ago and never looked back, such a worthwhile improvement if you are able to accommodate it.
RC30s will do plenty fine as rears, total overkill but no need to worry. Or a better option is use them as "Wide" instead of "Rear" if your receiver/room layout is capable of doing so.
You could say the same thing about the piano gloss finish on the ESW-V subs. I know technically they are Veritas Subs but they didn't have a Veritas speaker line at that time and they were paired with the RC's. And correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they just re-brand the exact same sub under a different model number, VS10?
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