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FYI, this may be old news, but iView has posted on their website a NEW firmware update for the 3500STBII dated 3/10/14: usbupgrade_all_flashAA.bin Says it's "Version 10/13" (whatever that means?) Description of update has not changed from V9 it is what it is....
You read my mind, I did exactly that. Got a refurbished SSD (120GB) at a great price, had a 2.5" external case. No noise, no heat, no spinning, MTBF super long. Best of all worlds. Just remember to delete old files every now and then.
hmmmm..... lots of missing info to diagnose this problem... how is the DTT901 connected to the TV, RF or Video in? Does the red LED light? How do you know it powers on after you unplug/plug it if all you get is snow on the TV? Is the TV set to Ch3/4 or Video in? Do you see any OSD channel numbers? Is the antenna connected to the box? So many questions..... so many things that could be the issue....
Simple enough... first thing you need to do is capture the "analog video" signal into your PC. A simple device I found was a Hauppauge Video Capture USB dongle (USB-Live2). It should look like a video input device to Windows (so might be visible to media center also). After that it's just a matter of digging into the specifics of what you want to do with the captured signal.
By forget, do you mean that the "virtual" channel number is no longer there, or does the channel no longer show a picture? Even post digital transition date on June 2009, viewers are encouraged to rescan regularly as the stations will be upgrading their transmitters, changing antenna positions, and even changing back to their "original" channel frequency. The virtual channel number will not change, so a rescan is required. I have not heard of the NVM losing it "memory"....
Cool! starting to see some "audio only" subchannels on my DTV CECB. Only saw this before on digital cable, but my DTT900 handles the OTA "audio only" channels just fine (even puts up a small "audio only" tag on the blank screen. Too bad the content is not worth listening to. bwahahahaha. Anyone else starting to see this in your TV markets?
Nope, in-store price is $49.99 (is higher price on-line @ frys.com ?).
On sale at Fry's for the next few days $49.99 - $40.00(coupon) = $9.99 net cost.
Stumbled across this DTV Converter in the Target web site, the KWorld SA-290Q DVI External ATSC/QAM TVBox http://us.kworld-global.com/main/pro...=10&prodid=176 Ignoring the DVI Input/output, it seems to have composite video output. Might this be the "poor man's" clear channel QAM DTV converter (something the current CECBs lack)? If true, then it might be possible to watch clear channel QAM as well as ATSC channels on a SD set. It's been marked down to $79 at...
hmmm.... I noticed that too, and it might not be just the Airlink 101 CECBs. Looks like all the Airlink 101 "cheapo" electronic equipment is hard to find at Fry's. Used to be they promoted Airlink 101 stuff all the time in their ads. Now, NOTHING. Too bad... I got a lot of cheap (Airlink 101) electronics there.... darn! (can't beat those $6 wifi 802.11g cards)... lol
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