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Any thoughts?
So, I'm starting to troubleshoot this issue. I bypassed the receiver and plugged an audio source directly into my HTD 1240 amp. BINGO! My low volume issue seems to have been fixed. Originally I had analog sources running through my Denon 2313's second zone, but I was getting weak volume from my 6 ceiling speakers. Now, my question is: Why would running through the receiver limit my volume? And, why would zone 2 overheat if I was using the preouts?
To clarify - I have just two speakers (1 pair) connected to each volume control. I ran two-conductor wire from each speaker to the volume control and ran four-conductor wire from volume control to amp.
Not sure about a separate zone 2 amp. The only time the amp gets very hot (and has gone into protection mode) is when I try to run my ceiling (zone 2) speakers.
Also, is the way I wired these speakers an issue? If so, can I make changes where they terminate at the volume control or the amp? Is my wiring the answer as to why I'm getting the low volume?
So what do I need to do at this point? How should I connect everything at the volume control, and what should the impedance be set at?
They are from Monoprice -- 100watt.I should add that I wired each set of speakers separately. Meaning I ran two conductor wire from each speaker to a volume control. And a four conductor wire from each volume trouble my HTD 1240 amp.To clarify - I have a red and black from the left speaker and a red and black from the right speaker terminating at each volume control. This occurs on three rooms.
The volume controls I have are impedance matching. So, if that is the issue, what should they be set to?
....the speakers are 8 ohms each. Three pair on three volume controls.
So what changes do I need to make?
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