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Yeah and thats the sickest part about it (with most TV's), especially for HTPC user.You can't watch blurays or PAL sources (50hz) @60hz without stutter ...RGB 4:4:4 support => 60hz24/50/50hz support => no 4:4:4 RGB
Any news on this issue? I have the same problem with my AV7005. Set a static ip in the AV7005 did not help. Anything else that I could try?
Only @60hz? Or at all refreshrates?
Hey guys, i have tested my Samsung D8090 Plasma and it works fine on the PC-Mode (naming input to "PC" oder "DVI-PC") and 60hz output! Any chance to get Full RGB support with 50hz or 24hz on Samsung TV's? Here it only works @60hz which is pretty much useless for PAL-Sources or Blurays.
Maybe "1080p Pure Direct Mode" is for YCbCr 4:4:4 (16-235) only?I want 4:4:4 RGB 0-255 support over Hdmi!
That's not the problem. PC or Video levels can be set easly by the graphic card driver (I am using ati HD5670 card).In my tests i used several test dvds, normal dvds and blurays.
First test (PC output 0-255): On my Samsung TV you have to choose between hdmi blacklevel normal (16-235) and low (0-255). Samsung hdmi blacklevel "low" => clipping Samsung hdmi blacklevel "normal" => no clipping Second test (Samsung hdmi blacklevel "normal"): PC output 0-255 and 16-235 makes no difference at all. So I guess the Yamaha does something.
My A3010 seems to have problems with hdmi blacklevel. PC output 0-255 (hdmi) => Yamaha A3010 => output 16-235 I dont find an option to change this behavior. Can anybody confirm this?
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