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Could you please provide a link or description. I am moving back to MD soon and cannot take my DIY screen with me. I would like to replace it and I have a MC in Rockville.
FWIW, every sports bar i've been to outside work and all the projectors I installed in sports bars had external fans in addition to the internal equipment. A $5 PC fan can be wired into the USB port and screwed on the outside grate to provide a little extra cooling power.
I'd love to know this as well...I want the PB61U as well - but for $200 off the price...you can get an external HD Tuner. Before I go that route, I would love to know why.
Have you thought about getting a low level Receiver?
Unfortunately...I need to replace some projectors for business and I am afraid the PA70G is the best projector but someone may be affected by RBE.
While I wouldn't outright call them junk...the resolution is not on par with other LED projectors in a similar price range. The res on this one is 640x480: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/830649-REG/Pyle_Pro_PRJLE60_PRJLE60_Portable_LED_Projector.html & The res on this one is 800x600: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/830645-REG/Pyle_Pro_PRJLE33_PRJLE33_Portable_LED_Projector.html If you can only afford to spend $400 or so on a projector...the HW300T / HW350T...
Just my suggestion...but we are in a similar situation...we have two large windows closed with curtains shut all the time and we use an LED projector. During the day there is a fair amount of ambient light from the dining room bay window that flows in and it doesn't terribly hinder the picture quality. It's not ideal...but I can still see the picture (except really dark scenes). LED projector gets used 10 hours a day...no issue with bulb life. Our projector is about 15ft...
This seems like a cool idea for someone on the go. The specs are about what you would expect from a portable wireless projector. http://news.yahoo.com/roku-3m-portable-streaming-projector-output-120-inch-035948413.html
No, I don't believe the next gen will be 1080p. I think manufacturers need to find better light sources such as 3W - 10W CREEs and getting away from such small form factors before attempting higher resolutions. I think the industry is listening to consumer feedback and they see the need to move in that direction.
Better is hard to say. Each person here will say one brand is better than another. I have owned both brands. Pioneer runs cool and does everything I want. I have the 1021. I paid $150 for it (complete). I had the Onkyo 606 and it ran hot all the time. Even idling it was hotter than the Pioneer. As for perks...again anyone can tell you why you need this and that. I have seen both in action and my personal choice would be the 1022 (as I recently bought the 1021)
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