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Looking for a good price on a used Audyssey Pro Kit or if someone knows where I could rent one. Prefer having it shipped but if someone has one around the Chicagoland area I'd be willing to pick it up too.
Landshark. Great room! Love the HT of the month feature and your room is definitely deserving.
N8DOGG great post. It's stories like these that really make me want to experience these speakers!
RMK, thanks for the suggestion. I looked it up and I think it would take about 3 hrs to get out to JTR HQ. I emailed Jeff and asked if this is an option. Hopefully I hear back soon.
Hey guys a bit off topic but I've been enjoying reading everyone's reviews/impressions of these JTR Noesis speakers. So much so that I'd really like to hear (experience) them in person. So I was wondering if there was a Noesis owner in the Chicagoland area who wouldn't mind a fellow AVS member demoing their setup? I could bring snacks!
Man I wish you guys all lived closer to Chicago. I would love to attend this GTG. Looking forward to a summary of the days events after the meet.
First review - The Last of Us http://www.avsforum.com/products/last-of-us-ps3/reviews/4431
rockydj - Thanks again for the help. I did swap the center speaker cable with my right speaker. The same scene sounded perfect on the right speaker. At the same time I had the center speaker playing the right speaker information and it sounded fine. Granted there were no voices coming through the center at the time. I swapped them back and got the distortion again. I did put my hand over the mid-range driver and it does seem to lower the distortion a bit. I've...
Tboe77 - thanks for the help, it does sound like I may be having the same problem. rockydj- not sure I follow your procedure. Are you saying to run the L or R signal to the C and see if it still distorts? Or to put my hand close to the drivers while the center is playing to determine what driver the sound could be coming from? Yesterday I played a scene from Brave on my center that sounded bad, I swapped inputs on the amp and played same scene, same volume level, on...
I set all my speakers to small. Audyssey sets the LCR to full range but I set the Center to 80hz and the fronts to 60. As crazy as this sounds the only explanation I can come to is whether this could be an acoustic issue with the room itself, or possibly the tv stand the speaker is on? I'll see if I can post a picture of the room later today when I get home.
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