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Here is my review of my Denon AVR-2113CI: http://www.avsforum.com/products/denon-avr-2113ci-receiver/reviews/4513
Forgot about that, they do. I remember checking on it before I bought it. Thanks for the reminder.
Agreed. I think I'd live with the issue instead of live without the receiver though. It works, the component cables need to be plugged in just right to work though. If it got worse in the next 8 months I could always opt for repair then (thank goodness Denon upped the refurb warranty to a year).
I haven't done the resets as it seemed like a hardware issue, and I didn't want to redo the Audyssey setup, but I'll definitely try it tomorrow. The service center was a 7-10 day turnaround. It'd be difficult to go that long without a receiver.
So I discovered a problem with my 2113CI today. I was troubleshooting a video problem I was having with my Tivo connected over component and horizontal lines moving up the screen on dark scenes. It turned out to be a grounding problem that was fixed by running the coaxial through my APC H10 power conditioner. But in the process I disconnected and reconnected the component cables several times on the 2113CI. I recall when I first plugged the component cables in the...
Probably, I haven't watched a football game on Fox Sports. I think they may have changed the logo sometime recently, I haven't really paid attention to it before. I don't think it would've been a problem if I had run the pixel flipper overnight every week, but I went a few months watching a 3 hour game almost every day. I varied my content with another 4 or so hours of other content between games, but apparently that wasn't enough to negate the Fox Sports logo.
I downloaded and ran that for a while yesterday just to mix things up in hopes it would help with the IR I have on my Panasonic 60ST60. I'm a little worried about it causing seizures though . I, too, have the Fox Sport logo in the upper right of my screen (Marlins in my case). I'm really annoyed with Fox Sports right now, their logo is terrible for IR. Even my Kuro 5020FD gets a little IR from it. I've been running the screen wipe, pixel flipper, and various IR...
It depends on the content you're feeding it. My experience is with a US version, so it's 60Hz instead of 50Hz. But if you give it a 30fps signal (cable tv in my case), it will display at 60Hz. If you give it a 24Hz blu-ray, it can do 48Hz, 60Hz, or 96Hz. With 3D content you can choose 96Hz, 100Hz, or 120Hz.
Add me to the list of people with resistant image retention due to the Fox Sports logo (Marlins in my case. I know, who thought there was actually a Marlins fan somewhere). I've been watching most games since the start of the season, with the contrast at 82 and brightness at +3, and didn't have any image retention in the first month or so, when I'd check with an all white slide every few days. I stopped checking, and haven't been running pixel flipper very often, only...
I've been using my 2113ci with a 5.1 setup since I got it a few months ago (upgraded from a 1910). Yesterday I got around to putting in the surround back speakers for a 7.1 setup, and started listening to some 5.1 music. I've searched the thread, as well as read the explanation from batpigworld, on how to hold the mode buttons to get the various sound modes. What I can't figure out is how to get the 5.1 source to only play in 5.1. I tried out PL IIx and DTS SURROUND (SB...
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