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Psh, my facts are 100% accurate, just ask me I verified them myself!
Thought Bungie said the beta wasnt until like June?
Kinect is already useless. The Sony camera is too but at least its optional and Sony's camera is better anyway, it has pron! Really though, Microsoft has invalidated Kinect on its own. They bragged up and down about how cool it was and all the stuff it ccould do. Cool, where are the games? Zumba Fitness? Seriously, what Kinect games are there? I had a Kinect for my 360 and I did like some of the games and really wanted to see what 2.0 offered. Apparently nothing but voice...
Please be ER edition, please be ER edition, please be. ..
Personally I believe most everyone who wanted an xbone now has one and I'm guessing there is a fiscal cliff in the xbone future. This thing needs the ME/Vista treatment stat. Before I get piled on, let me have my victory I backed Beta, the Atari Jaguar, and HDDVD.
Were about to go make a Titan fall!
May have to buy this, R Lee Ermey doing audio? http://mp1st.com/2014/04/17/ronal-gunny-lee-ermey-drill-instructor-call-duty-ghosts-voice-pack-dlc/#.U1A2GNNOnFo
Ahh tranny, should have known!
So whatcha cooking tonight dear?
These characters are on the Goblin server.
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