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Ha! Fits you well sarcasm does young padawan
I've just come to expect replacing controllers as a fact of life. Usually from man made rage disasters though. Just sucks that their so expensive. Then again I put a good 1500 hours a year into gaming with a big chunk on shooters that are hell on them. Its why I buy two. When this gen is done I will probably have had 4+ controllers either by virtue of second console or broken controllers and probably some combination.
We were talking about the controllers last night. Far as I'm concerned, asymmetrical only has one advantage and that's the D pad location. Much easier to hit in FPS on an asymmetrical but the touchpad could negate that downside if devs would use it...ahem...Dice...
Hey did anybody ever have an old adventure game that used a decoder? I had Seastalker for my Coco that had cards with red text that was only readable through a red piece of plastic. So in the game you would reach a point where it would reference a card line so you had to look up the answers on the cards. Thought that was pretty cool. Edit: my old brain fails me. The card was for hints. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seastalker
Oh yea the ancient speech synthesizers. Had one for my Coco but it was flaky. Can't remember what game I had that used it, can partially picture it though. Man that was ages ago.
Think I'm ready. Looks like a two part upgrade though I probably didn't do it right. I xfered my character off the PS3 last night and imported it today but kept saying no service attached. Went to mogstation and had to upgrade. It appears I'm in since it let me past the logon to the updater.....success! So much better looking.
I came, I saw! My first recording failed but the second two worked.
Yea Nintendo has always been an innovator. Well usually anyway.
Yea N64, PS1 and PS2 were cool but blocky on graphics. SNES had that smooth look. Never thought about it being an upgrade of the NES. It was just never thought like that. Your right on the money there.
Nobodies on...FF it is.
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