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the weird new thing mine is doing, besides the spinners, is if I have a disc already in the tray, and I turn on the xbox via voice and tell it to go to disc, it says no disc in tray. I have to get up, eject the disc, and reinsurt it. lame.
Hitman Absolution and Deadlight are the Xbox 360 Games with Gold for April. Still no GWG info on Xbox One.
target shooting? sold!
I mentioned this on the other thread. I set this up on MOnday and worked fine, yesterday tried to broadcast and I got the message to add the code again. so I went to add the code again, and I just get an error message for invalid code. I figured it was down since so many people trying it. don't know if it will work today, or if my account is corrupted or what. I deleted the app and redowloaded it. will try again when I get home.
It wouldn't work for me yesterday. It kept telling me I needed to put in the activation code again and when I tried I would get an invalid code error. worked for me on Monday after the patch. nothing yesterday though.
not only would I not, but I was talking to the gal at Gamestop the other day, and she had a ps4 sitting on the counter. I asked about it, and the person before me had just returned it... for an xbox one. I asked if that was common, she said it happens more than I would think.
i used the charging cable that came with my Turtle Beach headphones. at least I think thats where it came from since that is whay I use it for. it may have been originally a charging cable for the ps3
I'm not sure if I am having this problem due to the beta, or if it was the DVD or what, but I was watching a DVD last night, and the audio thru the reciever kept dropping out randomly. I have a yamaha reciever that is hooked up the xbox one thru optical cable. the DTS kept dropping. I ended up turning off the reciever and just listening to the sound through the TV. I don't remember having this problem last time I watched a movie, though admittedly I watch very few DVD's...
I didn't see this posted here yet. Will be cool if true http://www.nowgamer.com/news/2299127/xbox_one_titanfall_will_be_1080p_after_patch_rumour.html Respawn do not currently have Titanfall running at 1080p on Xbox One, but they allegedly plan to release a 1080p patch to boost the game's resolution. Published on Feb 26, 2014 Tweet Respawn recently confirmed that Titanfall will not be running at 1080p on the Xbox One at launch, but it has now been suggested that Respawn...
I thought it was already confirmed that Halo 5 was 2015 and they were releasing Halo 2 Anniversary this year.
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