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The screen jutter you see is just the cinematography style they use. It is not really jutter it is just a the way they pan the camera. At least this is the conclusion I drew from it.
For starters, Have your phase set to 0, crossover to Out, and under most situations you should not have the SUB volume at 12 o'clock, I would suggest no higher than 10 o'clock. Make sure your receiver is set to work with a subwoofer and has high-pass filter set to between 80-100 hz depending on the capability of your existing speakers and set low pass filtered at 80hz on the rest.If you have not done the subwoofer crawl I highly suggest that you do it, you will most likely...
Hrrm, then in that case I change my complaints to does not go low enough frequently enough. My system only hits 16hz at reasonable levels perhaps there is just not much 15-20hz, or I am fooling myself into thinking there was not enough low end.I am so confused now.
Thor 2 in 3D was amazing in the audio and video department. Since it was recorded in HFR the transfer to Blu-Ray 3D was amazing and looked even better with Fast Motion Plus due to the great transfer. The Bass was there when it needed be and plenty strong. The bass was not as low as it could/should be, but aside from that I could not find any faults audio wise.
It may be the Satellite/Cable box that you are using. Have you tried to get that replaced to see if it helps?
Touché - and corrected.
That would be wasting, not waisting, unless you are doing something to somebody's waist... Sorry could not help myself.
Even though they are basically sister sites, sometimes you can find different speakers selections if you go to http://www.sounddistributors.com/ if you are looking for individual speakers. They also sell the Bic Acoutech line on ebay as well, just make sure the seller is either sounddistributors or acoustechsounddesign or you it won't be warranty covered.
False, My wife loves this film.
The Dredd Blu-ray comes with both 3D and 2D on the same disc. So if you get the blu-ray it has 3D available. That is why it is so cheap, no great extras or any special features disc or DVD copies. It does come with Ultraviolet copy though.
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