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Hi community, hopefully you can help. Short description: My Yamaha RX-V771 is not detected at my dual-display setup´if i turn off the connected TV, so sound output over HDMI is no longer possible (crossed speaker icon in the notification area)! Configuration: Windows7HP/64bit Current Intel graphics driver DVI: Asus P8H67-M EVO -> Intel Core i3-2120 (HD Graphics 2000) -> Samsung Syncmaster 226BW HDMI: Asus P8H67-M EVO -> Intel Core i3-2120 (HD Graphics 2000) -> Yamaha...
Of course!Issue only occures with PCM 5.0 & 4.0 files! Playback of 5.1 PCM, DTS, Dolby True HD.... is working fine!
Believe me, the driver provided directly by Realtek is the better one and BTW, using the ATI Driver doesn't solve the issue!
The Soundchip on AMD graphic cards is by Realtek. You can use the driver provided by AMD (included in Graphic device driver) or directly by Realtek (ATI HDMI Audio Device R2.70)!Best regardsHelios
Hi mogorf! Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately reducing the buffer size doesn't solve this issue! It's odd, because i get different (wrong) results with ASIO and WASAPI! I think the issue is video card related. Just made some tests with a notebook with any INTEL HD2000 Graphics inside and all is working as exspected! If you like, you can test the files, i've uploaded them -> 5.0 Ch - 88,2 KHz - 24 bit.flac & 4.0 Ch - 44,1 KHz - 24 bit.flac! Best regards Helios
Hi! I hope, you can help with my issue. My Setup: Radeon HD 6670 -> HDMI -> Yamaha RX-V771! Foobar2000 configured with foo_out_asio and ASIO4ALL (first without Channel mapping) -> no sound on speaker surround right! With channel mapping -> all speakers are working fine! But with "normal" stereo files there is sound from all speakers too ! MediaInfo.txt of one of these High Resolution multichannel flac files: Code: Allgemein Vollständiger Name ...
Hello Community! I am new here an a little bit confused - its so much Stuff, but i hope you can help me! I would like to playback Audio DVds like As Frontend i use MediaPortal 1.0 RC 2 with PDVD8 Video-Codecs and Ac3Filter Audio-Codec. But i only hear noise! With "The Dark Side of the moon" (AUDIo_TS -Folder, AOB-File") i hear nothing! What must i do, to play these Files in Mediaportal? Best Regards Helios Sorry for my poor english!
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