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Sorry Swolfcg.Yea you did say that your settings were the same, I took that into account but you also said there were some changes as well. So it is still different and that does matter a little bit.I knew this would happen if I posted my settings. I rather not talk about settings in this thread because everyone has a personal preference, especially if you do not even own the NX720.Regarding my vision, I do have perfect vision with glasses and I use glasses, I never said I...
110" Carada Brilliant White.
Again, I cannot stress this more. MY SETTINGS ARE FOR MY EYES ONLY, I WEAR CORRECTIVE LENS FOR MY EYES TO GIVE ME 20/20. Please take this into consideration when using my settings.
No offense but I never take a woman's opinion when it comes to audio/video. Its just not their forte'. So therefore, it is not saying much that it is repulsive when everyone says its beautiful. Sorry mum but your wrong.Furthermore, again, you do not have a Sony KDL-55NX720, so you cannot use my settings. I don't think you are understanding this.
Oh a mom. OMG... No comment then on her comment about colors, lmaooo..Oh and tell your mum that I said I like my colors to pop and not be Dull. You should know this by now, you should have said "yea but mum, this dude likes his colors to pop, we all have different eyes and see colors different, they may look to bright to you but to others its perfect"Now that is a perfect response for mum. lol
I received my swiveling mount yesterday from Monoprice $60 shipped. Here is a pic. It looks like its floating in mid-air now. It is now an even sexier Sony Bravia.
Hey I added a paragraph to my last rant (Post)...I am not sure what LED your panel uses, thats why I said that.Well tell you mum that I wear corrective lens and also tell her that none of my friends have said anything bad about the colors. I think you mum might need glasses. By the way what is a mum?
I have no idea. You maybe right but I just feel there might be a slight difference. I know the main difference is the LED lighting, Bravia Engine, Processing is different and not to mention your screen size. How much those 3 things change a picture is unknown to me. I believe with a smaller screen size you do not need to bump up the color as much and processing. So therefore, the setting would be different slightly. I feel that Sony does a lot of work in providing the best...
There it is. I edited it last night and it must have deleted by accident. I just posted it.
Ok guys here is a photo of my picture quality from Yankee game tonight and here are my settings for my eyes 20/20 vision with glasses. These settings are only for the Sony KDL55NX720 but may work for other models which I doubt. If it is a little to bright for you I recommend going to the Preference menu and turning on Power Saving to low or high and/or turn on the Light Sensor, it will make a big difference but will keep the colors just about the same. Standard...
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