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I just send my inuke 6000dsp back. It would shut off after 15 seconds. I disconnect the speaker, same problem.
Wow 11mm xmax. That's terrible. I thought it was like 18mm or something like that. If its 18mm, then it's one hell of a value. They should put some Si in it.
I don't think it really matters If its 6db down or 24db down. What is the max output at each fr is what matter. I can eq to the response I want if its capable to a certain spl. Is it capable of 100db at 15hz?
i dont see any reason for dual oppose marty when the marty ported perform so well. i'm having a hard time finding new movies in the single digit output, so far and few watchable content. oz was horrendous, ohf was so so. oblivions a better than average. wwz was so so. it's been awhile i've seen a movie that have good story, acting, and subsonic sound production. There are some but maybe 1 or 2 out of how many a year?
Should have your friend join the forum. We'll straighten him out. heh heheh
Bulit 2 seal 4 cu boxes with dimension accordingly to the floor and splug 18 sub per box. Wire it to an amp and put flooring on with sub openings. Finish
Have you figure you listening space yet? I would dout you need more usable bass with the amp upgrade and minidsp. I notice I rarely ever listen at ref volumes. It's only for showing off. But attendees asked me to turn it down.
you are going to need a minidsp reguardless what you do. high pass for ported, eq for seal. i use 1 channel of minidsp with inkuke for my seal jbl w15gti. works out really nice.
Congrats on getting a house, it's a good time for it while interest and price is low. I can imagine next year with the adjusted tax yearly.
That a wicked house curve you got there, you can get a nose bleed with that curve with those speakers.
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