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excuse my ignorance as i havent read through all 9 pages, but can i use a 3dbee on my passive vizio tv to get 3d imaging from normal tv and dvd's? which unit would i use or can i use the cheap monoprice unit?
ok thanks. id love to get a new sub but cant afford it right now. thought maybe a quick box build might get a slight improvement as the factory box seems like a joke. but if im not gonna get any improvement i wont bother.
can i get better performance outta my crappy little htib sub if i build a better box for it? its a philips hts3544 system i have built alot of car sub boxes, but have no idea how to design a box for this. speaker specs- Subwoofer driver 8" high efficiency woofer Subwoofer impedance 8 ohm Subwoofer freq range 40-150 Hz Subwoofer type Passive amp power specs-Sound Output power (RMS) 4x125W, 2x250W D/A converter 24 bit, 192 kHz Frequency response...
i ended up buying the 550 today and it works really well, its so nice having one remote control ALL of my stuff flawlessly. the only complaint i do have is that i cant stop playing with it!
ok i got way to many remotes and need a remote that will control my comcast motorola hd cable box, my philips 42" lcd, and my philips hts3544 surround dvd system, an old jvc vcr, and possibly a gateway dvd buner. my main concerns are the tv, cable box, and surround, and i want to be able to set the remote up so that the volume buttons will control my surround system, the channel and menu buttons the cable box, and so on without having to constantly change devices if you...
WTF is with sporadic "lipsyncing" that i am noticing after getting the hd box. i was wathing 110 and the audio was off from the video, but channel 10 was spot on. this never happened with my reg. digital box. if things dont improve im switching to sattelite.
well ive had comcast hd for a day now and am not impressed with the limited # of hd channels, hope there are more coming soon, as i am also finding sd channels look like crap on a 1080p screen. also when im watching sd tv i notice vertical lines in yellow colored objects, anybody else have this problem? also im located in enumclaw, what hd channels are available now and which ones are coming and when? thanks in advance!
hi first post here. i just bought a philips 42" 1080p lcd tv(42pfl7422d/37), and also got a philips 1080i upconverting dvd theatre system(hts3544). my question is what is 1080i upconverting. i can hook up anything in the world but am clueless as to what upconverting is and how to use it properly. i have an hdmi cable feeding the video to the tv.
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