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is there a special promo code? I just looked on there and it's 209.98
Didn't know Monoprice was selling these? I have the 45ft Redmere and it works fine... Meaning it supports 3D as advertised. I like the fact that's its a lot less stiff and less diameter than my 22awg monoprice cables
I forgot the name of the company Bank of America used but they are no longer on my insurance provider
The insurance company I had I found out never sent the declaration papers to my mortgage company like they were supposed to. Also found out the person that was handling my account was let go because she also did that to several other clients. So my mortgage company placed a lender based policy on my home the end of last year because they never received the proper paperwork and after going back and forth for a few months I dropped them and figured I was covered under the...
Well I just wanted to give a word of advise to everyone here that is able to afford cool stuff like this. Be sure to have some form of security system (Alarm, Cameras, etc...) or make sure you have insurance coverage that actually covers the personal contents of your home in case of theft, whatever because I JUST finished my theater room with one of these nice Sony hw30's and my house got hit by worthless pieces of Sh*t thieves recently and now I'm finding out NONE of my...
I'm not too familiar with the Auras but if I'm not mistaken there's something that shakes internally inside the shaker so if it's bolted/screwed directly to the couch I don't think the whole unit needs room to shake. You just need enough clearance to mount it.
Thanks for the responses Craig. I've reesearched the crao out of this befor I started and yours was one of the ones that made me want to do the riser too. I did use actually 12 rubber isolators but they feel like they don't give that much. I used the ones from markertek http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showp...postcount=2108 I have pics of the build I will try to upload Monday. Right now I'm using my phone
My sub is a MFW 15. I would try mounting them directly to the seats but its in 5 sections. I guess I can try it but I've read people saying they get a more realistic experience if the whole platform shakes under you. I wanted it to feel like the whole room was shaking
Quick question.. I already have 2 Buttkicker LFEs on the BKA-1000 amp and was wondering if I can add Aura pros to them or will it not be a good idea because they are only rated at 50 watts? How many will I need to balance it out? I started this thread for reference... 2 Buttkicker lfe's Not Enough Since lurking around in these subwoofer forums I've wanted to add another dimension to my home theater experience so as I've been reading the Shaker Sticky thread I'd...
Bump... Not one reply yet???
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