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I'm just wondering if would it be possible to pick up the KCPQ Ellensburg translator in Yakima or is it a no go due to Manastash Ridge
Looks Like Prairie Public now has MN channel in widescreen SD has anyone seen this and I saw promos for MeTV on KXJB today looks like monday it will start
Nice, This is the one channel I was wanting to come to this market
WDAY said on its 5pm newscast tonight Said as of this morning the HD feed is now on Directv
Looks like KVLY/KXJB Now have news in HD Should be interesting to see
Just saw an ad on WDAY saying the news will be in HD soon
WDAY mentioned the widescreen SD on their 6:00 news and also hinted something big to watch for in Feburary I'm hoping news in HD
This TV Signed On as Of Friday at 8 pm on 13.3 in Missoula
MeTV is Now On 13.2 and its looks like This TV is coming to 13.3 wonder if Optimum will pick it up
Looks Like TV is going to get Better in Western Montana KECI, KCFW and KTVM are Adding MeTV as their 2nd Subchannel right now it Is showing test patterns On 13.2 and 13.3 here in Missoula
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