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Don't know if this is the right place to post but does anyone know what's available on qam in Ocean Shores on Coast Communications silicondust didn't have the lineup
The Lakewood Town Center Target In Tacoma Still Have 7 of the RCA Boxes Left As I went there today
Speaking Of KBTC They're Finally in HD but the Create and DOCS Subchannels are gone now
you know 63 is the hex number for 99 BTW
Did Anyone Catch the notice in wednesday's Seattle Times Comcast is adding the new HD channels in Shoreline and Edmonds at the end of september
Picture quality is about the same and the Coship Gets so hot that it will scold you unlike the Artec. I Have another coupon, thinking about getting a AccessHD DTA 1080-U but that's another story for another day.
I just got A n9901t off Solid Signal (free w/coupon including shipping) I also have an Artec T3AP-LL and A RCA DTA 800B1 Here In Seattle Using an CM 3021 and VHF Dipole indoors both the Coship and Artec Picked Up 34 channels while the RCA Only 27 (missed KCPQ/Fox and KTBW/TBN)
Fox Signed On yesterday at 4PM and they are still working out the bugs, It Was nice to watch House In HD.
There was an Article in last sunday's Missoulian According To Linda Grey, President Of Max Media Montana Fox Won't be on until July 13, At Least on KTMF 23.2
http://www.greatfallstribune.com/art...Fox+affiliates Coming Soon to KTMF 23.2 And KWYB 19.2 Butte And 28.2 Bozeman
New Posts  All Forums: