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Me too, an hour slow!
I haven't been able to figure out what caused the blinking lights on the Next Gen, but they stopped after I plugged it back in. It's almost as old as the DVR (about 4.5 years) and never caused any issues until the remote issue started earlier this year. The TV is an old 27" tube TV.One other thing I forgot to mention was that sometimes one of the lights on the Next Gen would blink whenever I pushed a button on the remote WITHOUT the transmitter! It might just be time to...
A few months ago I posted about a problem I had with my DVR where the remote control commands would not register unless I pressed the button more than once, and sometimes would register multiple times with one button push. The two exceptions were when live/recorded video was paused or the Hard drive was removed, in which case the problem went away. I tested the drive and came up with no errors, and reset the unit to defaults several times, which made the problem less...
Scan with remap: No warnings/errors Smart: No Change I put the drive back in, and the problem was *almost* non existent. I'll report back if I can ever pinpoint what is going on...
Smart came back "good" and the scan returned no errors...hrmph!
Just realized it should have been /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sda. Doh! It spins up now.
Is there an easier way to make the drive spin up without having to install linux?
I reset to factory defaults, and the problem persisted. So I decided to remove the hard drive, and the problem went away completely. So it must be the hard drive after all. Drats.
Thanks for pointing that out! Since it must not be the HD, I'll try the reset to factory defaults.
I was hoping to avoid that. I looked through the last few pages and the first post but didn't see anything. Is there any evidence that a factory reset will fix this problem? I'm worried that the hard drive may be on it's last leg since the problem only occurs when video is playing.
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