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I have had a Panasonic TH-50PZ77U for about 6 months now. I ran the break in DVD for about 6 days and everythig has been great. Last night I was flipping channels and there was a grouping (less than dime sized) of dead/stuck pixels on MSNBC. I flipped channels all night and they would only show up on MSNBC, but they were there every time and did not go away regardless of how long I watched. Anyone?
Hello p-rizzle, I know it is a lot to ask since you forked out the cash to have this done and all of us are just sitting here waiting for a free lunch. However, I wanted to know if you would be willing to go back into your user and service menu to write down your settings? I am not letting anyone from BB touch my set and I have not been able to find anyone legit in my area. Just thought I would ask. Thanks,
I just set up my TV and have people coming over tomorrow. I do not have time to read through all of these posts. Can someone please guide me toward the most popular "user and service menu" settings that have been discovered since this thread started. I would greatly appreciate it. TIA
What set do you have?
It is basically a set of 20 images that are 720p native resolution. The images are full screen colors so that the entire screen is 1 color at a time. The colors go from a white to a dark grey in 5 gradients, white to blue in 5 gradients, white to green in 5 gradients and white to red in five gradients. The images change every 30 seconds.
No, I know it isn't less prone to anything. I am just questioning the Anti-glare, seems to affec the PQ a little. Also, the 700U has 4 speakers vs. 2 on the 77U and a 3rd HDMI input. I also think there are a few more picture adjustments on the 700U. Thats all...
Yes, it would be nice to see thier new Anti-reflective filter in a side by side comparison. Let me know what you find...
I hope it's ok. I might end up selling it though, I am 2nd guessing the decision to go with the TH-50PZ77U over the Th-50PZ700U. $1,599 shipped was just too good to pass up. The question is, would the 700U be worth an extra $470? I have a very bright room with a wall of windows 45 degrees to the side of the TV.
Panasonic TH-50PZ77U
I have been running my break-in DVD for 3 days and just found out that my set must have defaulted back to VIVID mode. Have I damaged the set by breaking it in on the VIVID setting for the first 72 hours? If so, is it permanent or will it work itself out? I initially changed the setting to Cinema and put all of the settings to 0, but it must not have saved when I exited the menu. I have made the changes now, but want to know if any damage has been done? TIA
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