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Maybe I don't understand, but why would you want to change inputs when the unit is in standby mode (i.e. it's not controlling anything)?
Just throwing this out there in case it hasn't been mentioned...Updated firmware on my V3800 using USB and then checked BTB with DVE on a Panasonic BD-30...SUCCESS! Not sure if it'll make a difference, but it was nice seeing all 3 black bars in the Pluge.
I'm using the H20 DirecTV box and can confirm that by default, the H1 put the 4 colored DirecTV buttons on the 1st page of the LCD screen. I have since remapped 4 "hard" buttons as the 4 colored buttons for the DTV box because I have other items on the first LCD page; it just made things easier that way.
So all of a sudden, the left arrow button on my One stopped sending a signal (no "wave" symbols on upper right of screen when button pushed) and I can't seem to get that button to work. I've tried it for all my activities, but even buttons I don't have linked to any comand still send a "signal" when pressed. But for some reason, the left arrow (directional next to the "ok") won't send a signal out, so none of it's commands work. Anyone experience a hard button no...
Just to close the loop on this if you haven't tested it yet, the IPod dock works in the same way as XM/NetUSB. That is, the Yammy treats the IPod dock input as "analog" and does output the sound through Zones 2 and 3.
I'm using the YDS-11 with an IPhone and the V3800. I know I had to set the video conversion to ON in the setup for my 3800. But other than that (and making sure the video conversion resolution matched my TV), I haven't had any problems displaying videos...
p3pete, here's my post on using the YDS-11 with an IPhone and the V3800 from a week or so back...
I can make changes on the PC and they show up instantly on the 3800 playlist, so I'm not sure what's going on with your setup. I guess I'd make sure I'm still connected via sharing through WMP to the 3800. Perhaps that got switiched off (or playlist control got switched off). Other than that, you can try backing out of PC control (left arrow until you're at the main PC/Internet Radio/USB selection screen) and then go back through the menus to PC...
Glad I could help...I'm in a somewhat similar situation and found that making shorter playlists was much more user-friendly than scrolling through pages and pages of songs or artists. Still klunky, but easier IMHO.
The first thing I would check is the file format of your songs in WMP11. The V3800 has some limitations on the types of files it can play through the server (limited to WAV [PCM format only], MP3, and WMA files). You might also double-check that "sharing" is on specifically for the V3800 in WMP11 as it has to connect separately to each "player".
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