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Ah! Thanks waterboy. I missed that they are for different model boards. don't know how I missed that. Thanks for peeking in though!
Hey fellas, quick question on some shopping I'm doing for my man room. I'm getting ready to run the electrical and put in the breakers for the man room. My board has an empty slot and I was planning on putting in a 20amp tandem breaker. I found these two... This one is $34.98 http://www.lowes.com/ProductDisplay?...llow&cId=PDIO1 and this one is $8.48 http://www.lowes.com/pd_8991-296-HOM...=#BVRRWidgetID Do the features listed in the description justify this cost, ie...
Spent about 45 min last night cutting in and finding where to run the new circuit to the breaker panel. Panel in the garage, in a nice easy location, below the front left corner of the man room. I measured off the screen wall and the side wall of the garage to find the free spot I could run the power wires for the man room. I just drilled a 9/32" hole and shoved the long phillips head down through to see where it was located. Perfect spot! In the man room.... I...
Jello's door works wonderfully. One little thing. Make sure your stops and door are true for when you put in the gasket material. Mine was off a smidge. Other than that. Wonderful stuff.
FRAMING DONNNNNNNE. Might have two little things that need to be fixed more than built, but the major stuff is done! Tore done the drywall over the bar area since I'll start the drywall for the ceiling back here and work forward since I need to do the overlap with the back wall. Uncovered a beautifully bowed 2x4. Cut about a 2" strip from the framing wall to put up the step strips. Caulked and stepped pics! Staggered studs going up!!
Possibly temporary unfinished threshold bottom stop done. My very UNscientific findings: Test piece - Bourne Ultimatum opening scene Not a very low end dominate scene but definitely has some parts with impact. Most listening I run at a maximum of -5.0 from reference, and last night ran this at -15.0 from reference. Keep in mind that the adjoining wall to the rest of the house is WIDE open right now. That open wall is connected to the master bath and second full...
I guess if I can hang on the door, having nearly 100lbs of sand isn't an issue..... 90ish lbs of sand in the door! Gasket for the door This proved a bit too thick at the bottom of the vertical latch side of the door. So the bottom half of the stop will get a size or two smaller. Siliconed the door knob, both sides (and don't worry, I cleaned it up ) Next step......putting in the threshold/bottom stop!
Door is filled and just needs the threshold/ bottom stop! Pics coming!
Well, company sent my GG instead of SS soooooooo couldn't do the staggered stud wall. But, I did get the majority of the door done ala jelloslug style. mortised in BB hinges BB hinges are prettyyyyyyyy rough mortise locked and loaded! Sand goes in the door tonight and gaskets on the frame/stops. Maybe get to the threshold and it's stop/gasket as well.
Love it. I have my projector set up for controlled lighting so it is a rarity that the lights are on when I'm using the projector. if I do have the few lights on that are in there it is still a good picture, but it just isn't setup for that fucntion. Take that for what you will. I don't notice any of the issues a lot of people talk about, lag, oversize, blah blah. I will say this, I don't find any issues playing MW3 single player online. When my buddy comes over and...
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