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Thank you! Now I know.
If there is a way to get it to play 3D mvc/avc mkv files, I'd like to know. Do I have to name the mkv file a particular way, or enable an option in the setting?
I posted this in the mede8er forum but wanted to ask here also to see if others have had this issue. I was watching a blu-ray folder (not an ISO) from the internal hard drive, and the audio track was DTS HDMA. At least 10 times during the film, I got an extremely loud audio "pop". It was a very deep-pitched "pop" - more like a loud thud. It may be the "DTS bomb" I hear mentioned from time to time. This was posted by another member in here a while back: "The MED600X3D...
I use MakeMKV which rips the 3D blu-ray to an AVC/MVC mkv file. It plays perfect in 3D on my 1000X3D player. But I have to select the side-by-side 3D option in the menu I bring up once the movie starts playing in order for it to play in 3D (the rip isn't side-by side but selecting that option switches the player into 3D mode). Ripping like this retains full 1080p 3D output, not half-resolution like a side-by-side video, and it's a lossless mkv file so the audio and video...
My color is also set at 40. I know my calibration disc suggests higher (around 48), but personally I find 48 over-saturated, especially faces, even on blu-ray. I have always liked natural color, without over-saturation, so I find 40 is perfect for me. At 40, color is fantastic, and flesh tones are very pleasing. It in no way looks under-saturated.It may just come down to personal preference. My settings are based on Buzzard's with a few tweaks (I prefer warm1), but 50 is...
Yeah, setting judder reduction to anything other than off for me causes dropped frames. In fact clear is the only AMP setting that works for me without stuttering/dropping frames. All other modes, including custom, cause stuttering (different than film judder).
You also might want to give my settings a try, which I link to in my signature. They're based on Buzz's excellent settings and I just made a few small tweaks, like disabling the screen turning off with a black screen. Buzz's settings really nail the color on my set.
Definitely. The 3D was fantastic in the theatre and should look excellent on this tv. Life of Pi looked amazing on this set. Also check out "The Adventures of Tin-Tin".
Stretching SD material to fill the screen is totally unnecessary with this type of tv, and I can't imagine who buys a premium set like this just to stretch the aspect ratio and distort everything. If that's how you're going to watch all 4:3 content, why buy an F8000? Just go to Wal-mart or Target and buy any tv for $500.
The sad part is that because Samsung is so poor at giving us proper release notes for their firmware, they could add Cinavia and we would never even know it was added, until it becomes a problem that somebody notices.
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