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If you're going to buy it from Best Buy for one reason or another you are probably going to be best off waiting until the xx12 models hit clearance any day now. Displays will be even less. Only way to get a Denon at a decent (sometimes excellent) price at BB. 1712 would be the minimum to replace a 2807. Weaker amp, but Audyssey XT which is an upgrade.
JBL HTI88 works well if your needs are modest. If you have an attic there are a lot of creative options to use conventional subs with grilles or infinite baffle solutions.
The amplifiers on all budget subwoofers are hit and miss. People expect speakers to last pretty much forever so when a sub amp fails in 2-3 years people complain, and they complain loudly. Harman had an especially bad run of this with lines launched in the late 90's, both JBL and Infinity. Many other makes have had the problem too, early Klipsch BASH amps were just as bad, some Definitive Techs were flaky to name just a few.If $179 is a lot of money to you and...
The PB12 would be outgunned by a modern $120 12" Dayton subwoofer. Comparing it to a pair of 1500's is rather cruel.
For what it's worth, $179 is not a lot of money to spend on a sub so it is hard to go too wrong if you were able to get the ES250 for that. While you may have some options that are better in some ways, overall at $179 you have a pretty decent value.The ES250 is an updated version of the older E250 models that were also not particularly impressive and had rather unreliable amplifiers. The reliability of the ES250 amplifier should be better but you are still looking at low...
Those old Denons are monsters, I had both the 3808 and a 4308 and unfortunately I doubt I will ever own another AVR with as nice of an amplifier section short of buying one of the ridiculous ~$5k "flagship" models or a boutique brand that I'm not totally comfortable with. 4308 could pull almost a thousand watts out of the wall and left very little reason to use a standalone amplifier for 2ch. Too bad Denon will probably never make such a box again.
What old JBL's and what went wrong with them? Some are very much worth fixing.
I've had the 3000 for a few months now and never bothered downloading the Yamaha application... boy was that a big mistake. The truly brainless wifi streaming of music from your portable device is very kickass, I greatly regret having not taken advantage of it earlier.
My subjective .02 that others have confirmed is that YPAO just isn't as good with sub calibration as a box with Audyssey or Audyssey XT. So depending on your room and listening position I think it's very possible you could end up with a cold sub. The only suggestion I have for this is to try re-running YPAO but biasing half the listening positions very close to your main position, while making sure the other mic positions are not too far away and never outside of the...
Buy a little Dayton or Lepai T-amp and use them with it. Great for computers or a simple office/kitchen type kit. Speakers should never go unloved.
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