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Absolutely! I'm at work right now, but I will upload one when I get home. Thank you very much Matt, I really appreciate it.
Matt, to give you couple of examples of what I have dubbed "goofy" resolutions: 1280x528 and 1280x532. Alx330, that is what I understood after researching this issue. Panasonic and DLNA are not known as the best streamers. I tried adjusting the video settings, to no avail. It either stretched the video or places it in a small box mid screen. Hence why I am looking for a decent streamer.
Matt, Thanks for the reply! I didn't know WD made streaming boxes. I will look into them. It sounds like you own one, or have used them fairly extensively. Will they play my files in their native resolution without stretching? Thanks.
I *think* I have posted this in the right place. I apologize if that is not the case. I recently purchased the Panasonic ST50 plasma TV and I LOVE it. I cannot sing this TV's praises enough. I have tons of video content on my PC that I want to play on my shiny, new PC. These video files come in all file formats and all sorts of strange resolutions . Some play fine on my Panny, while others are stretched (Usually stretched top to bottom, making everything look...
Steve S, thanks for the reply. I ended up buying the Panasonic S2, and I am really happy with it. Overall great quality picture and no motion blur like my old Toshiba. Again, a big thank you to those of you who contributed to this thread and helped me make up my mind. Now I am off to find the Official S2 owners thread so I can get this thing calibrated.
Thanks for all your info Tank. You've been a big help. Mailiang, thanks for your input as well. It's nice to talk to people who know what their talking about. Tank, the S2 has been discontinued, but they still have some of them at a CompUSA by where I live. Same with the Samsung LCD. (I think that was a after Thanksgiving model, if my research is right.)
Believe Tankramer was referring to the S2 set I was considering.
Tankramer, Thank you for the reply. I was hoping to talk to some people that had one of these sets. The info you provided does help. How is the overall picture quality of the Panny? I've been reading about the TC-P42S2 too much and have just managed to confuse myself. Some people love it, some hate it.
Thanks for the replies so far. Two votes for LCD. I had been leaning towards the plasma because of it's high refresh rate. I figured that would be better for gaming. However, Mailimang your post seemed to indicate the plasma would be worse for gaming. Why would that be?
LCD....interesting. Why chose the LCD model over the plasma?
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